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Kuyu-Kai Goju Ryu was officially established and launched in South Africa on 20 October 2007 by the Founder and World Chief Instructor, Saiko-Shihan Osamu Hirano, 8th Dan JKF from Wakayama, Japan.

Kuyu-Kai Goju Ryu Branch Chief in South Africa is Shihan Humphrey Skosana-6th Dan with the honbu dojo at Witbank(eMalahleni).

Kuyu-Kai has branches in the following provinces / regions in South Africa: Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North-West Province, Eastern Cape, Boland and Western Cape.

Kuyukai Karate has been providing quality instruction and services for over 20 years. We truly are a Black Belt School, developing students that are not only physically fit and can defend themselves, but we are also experts in bringing out the best in people.

We understand the importance of strong values, self-esteem and social skills. Our students quickly develop confidence, courtesy, self-esteem, pride and the ability to control themselves both physically and mentally. Our staff is the finest trained available.

Our instructors has not only been thoroughly trained in the art of karate but also in the skill of teaching. They give their best and are dedicated to the progress and growth of their students.


“To develop students, instructors and officials of high excellence standard, who will continue to promote the purest

Karate principles and values through studying the traditional  Japanese Goju Ryu martial art and sport karate-do”


  • To promote the traditional Japanese Goju Ryu and Sport karate
  • To conduct grading, seminars, competitions
  • To ensure that karate is accessible to all, especially to the under privileges communities and disable people


“Lets enjoy friendship and togetherness through continuous hard training”

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Shihan Humphrey Skosana's Kuyu kai Karate South Africa teaches the traditional Goju-ryu karate of the late Osamu Hirano (Saiko Shihan) of Japan.