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5th Hirano Cup

12 – 23 JULY 2009

Dear: KUYUKAI Members

The purpose of this communication is to give feedback on the trip to the 5th Hirano Cup – World KUYUKAI Championships that was held in Wakayama City, Japan as from the 12 – 23 July 2009.

The members were selected from around South Africa and most of the team members were winners at the KUYUKAI National Championships that was held at Witbank on the 09 May 2009.

The team members assembled at the O.R. Tambo International Airport on the 12 July 2009, for departure to Japan. At the airport the team had the opportunity to meet Shihan Cecil Mokoena (Honorary Member) and his son Sensei Tshepo Mokoena to bid the team farewell (Bon Voyage) and to present the KUYUKAI National Colours to the team members.

The 28 team members traveled to Japan with two different flights namely Qatar Airway via Doha and Air Emirates via Dubai. The team arrived in Japan on 13 July 2009 at 17:00 and the team was warmly welcomed at Kansai International Airport, Osaka by the Saiko Shihan Osamu Hirano, his Wife, Masahiro Kanou Sensei and Takashi Sensei. 

The team was transported by vehicles and others boarded the train to the KUYUKAI Honbu Dojo at Wakayama, Musota. At the Honbu Dojo the team met the Japanese and Belgium students busy with the training that was conducted by Shihan Ali Azizi, the Chief Instructor of Belgium. The team was provided with refreshment at honbu dojo and thereafter were transported to the various accommodations. We were invited by Shihan Seiji Teramura to his house for the welcome dinner and it was very wonderful.

On the 14 July 2009 the team had free time to relax and some team members went out for sight-seeing and later in the evening we had training together with the Japanese student’s session at the honbu dojo and the training session was conducted by Shihan Humphrey Skosana.

On the 15 July 2009 the whole team went for sight-seeing, shopping and to the beach at Rinku – Town, the team spent the whole day there.

On the 16 July 2009, team South Africa had free time during the day, some went out for shopping and sight–seeing and later in the afternoon we had the opportunity to train with Saiko Shihan Osamu Hirano at the honbu dojo.  

On the 17 July 2009 at 17:00 we went for the International KUYUKAI seminar at the Wakayama Gymnasium Prefecture. The seminar was conducted by Shihan Seiji Teramura and the team had the opportunity the meet and make friendship with other KUYUKAI members from Japan, Belgium, Holland, India, Canada and etc.

On the 18 July 2009 this was most important day for 5th Hirano Cup- World KUYUKAI Championships, the championships was well attend by hundreds of Japanese KUYUKAI members, Friendship dojo’s around Japan and as well as the international KUYUKAI branch members.

In the morning we had the referees and judges meeting and KUYUKAI Championships rules was explained by the senior chief- referee from Japan. We had to explain the rules to our team members.

The standard of the competition was very high and the kumite was different from us with more of follow-up and the kata’s was more traditional Goju Ryu katas. The  South African team managed to adjust very quickly into the Japanese way.

On the 19 – 21 July 2009 the team had more opportunity for sight-seeing and shopping.  On the 21 July 2009 Shihan Seiji Teramura invited the South African, Canadian and Indian teams to his house for a barbeque, the evening was enjoyed by all members, more interaction with each other, singing together and the friendship was strengthened amongst the members.

On the 22 July 2009 the team departed to Kansai International Airport back to South Africa.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Please see results   See Photo Gallery for pics


Kuyukai South Africa celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 20/10/2008. All regions hosted different events in a form of seminars/camps including the first Kuyukai Black belt grading and a braai as part of the celebration on the 25/10/2008.

Mpumalanga, Gauteng and North West Regions celebrated the anniversary at Witbank

Western Cape & Eastern  Cape celebrated with a 3 days training camp



Start preparing for the Africa Goju Ryu Karate Championship in Stellenbosch on 29-30 August 2008, this championship is your passport and ticket for you represent South Africa in the all 1st World Goju Ryu Karate Championship, in Portugal during 2010.



Congratulation to the KUYUKAI TEAM SOUTH AFRICA for the excellent performance in Belgium 20-28 March 2008 as you have risen the South African Flag and name very high, especially to the following individuals:

  • Shihan Humphrey -3rd places Kata and Kumite
  • Sensei Stephen- Grand Champion Kata and Kumite (World Champion), also for passing his 4th Dan Test
  • Monique- 1st place Kata (World Champion)
  • Tshepo- 2nd Kata and 3rd Kumite
  • Themba- 2nd Kumite
  • Saneliso- 2nd Kata
  • Sensei Ursula- passes her 3rd Dan test

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