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Nihon Goju Ryu Karate Do Kuyu Kai International is a single style organisation dedicated to the propagation of Japanese Goju Ryu Karate.

Membership is open to any practitioner or individual who desires to learn Kuyukai Karate or be affiliated with the NGKKI. Membership is also open to any school (dojo) or individual who wish to teach the Kuyukai System.

For a dojo to be eligible, it is recommended that effort be made to have a minimum of 60% of your total membership joining the organisation.

Individuals may affiliate themselves with the NGKKI as an individual practitioner or with a member school. They should submit a copy of their credentials to the Honbu. Students just beginning training need not supply any credentials and if so desired may also be accepted by enrolling on our Distance Learning Program.

Dojo Chief Instructors or Organisational Heads interested in becoming a member of/or affiliated to the growing NGKKI family, should write to NGKKI Honbu requesting an "NGKKI Info Pack". Please include a brief resume and two ID Pictures with your request along with a copy of your latest grade certificate.

The Info Pack includes.


Admin. Regulations.

Membership Types.

Membership Benefits.

About Joining.

How to Join.

Joining Form.

You may contact the NGKKI by: Electronic Mail:

or by

Snail Mail : P.O Box 4311, Witbank, 1035

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Shihan Humphrey Skosana's Kuyu kai Karate South Africa teaches the traditional Goju-ryu karate of the late Osamu Hirano (Saiko Shihan) of Japan.